Virtual Field Trips

We want everyone have the best possible digital experience, therefore we  offer you to sign up for a virtual field trip to Boliden.

You will learn about the benefits of remote scaling, experience a virtual talk about the electrification of ore trucks and be taken a tour of Bolidens new investment Lakverket.
The virtual field trips will be held in the morning before the main conference starts.

The seats are limited so make sure you secure your seat today.

Boliden field trip in VR

Sign up for a virtual field trip with Boliden. You will join Lisa Önnerlöv down a mine and learn the benefits of remote scaling, experience a virtual talk with Jonas Ranngård about trolley assisted hauling and finally visit the newly developed leaching plant at Rönnskärs together with Therese Hedström.

Utilizing VR180 filming technology, the viewer is able to experience these field trips in immersive VR via their own mobile phone together with provided handheld VR Cardboard. Alternatively, if preferred the field trip can be undertaken in 2D, with the ability to rotate your mobile phone to fully experience the VR180 film. Either option results in a new and uniquely immersive experience.

When you sign up to the Boliden field trip you will be sent a VR cardboard viewer* into which your mobile phone can be placed. The field trips are delivered in Swedish with the option of English subtitles.

The event
On the day of the field trip we will begin with a virtual meet and greet, during which you will receive instructions on how to set everything up to ensure the best possible experience. Then the field trip will begin. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to return to the video meeting. All of this will take approximately 30 minutes.

Technical information
The handheld VR Cardboard works with both iOS and Android devices with a screen size between 4.7-6.5 inches. Those with larger devices can use the 2D viewer mode.

If you have an iOS you will need to download the YouTube app.
Further instructions will be sent out via e-mail.

*depending on where you are based and how late you apply, this could result that we might have difficulty in delivering a VR cardboard. In these instances the field trip can be experienced 2D viewer mode.