Jordi Puig

Jordi Puig is the R&D Manager for the Mining Technology Department at LKAB. Responsible at LKAB for the Development Area Main Design to address the technological development to reach greater depths at LKAB mines, safely, with increased productivity, CO2 free and with a reduced environmental impact.

Previous experience includes development of new mining projects and operational experience in several positions in different countries in Africa, South America and Europe for the past 15 years. He holds a degree in mining from Wits University in South Africa, a MSc from WASM in Australia and a BSc in Environmental Sciences from UAB in Barcelona. 


Global population growth accompanied by pursuit of prosperty leads to the exploitation of shallow deposits and forces mineral extraction to greater depths. Accordingly, more mines are exhibited to adverse conditions impacting productivity and more specifically suffer rock pressure-related mining problems. In this transformation process, the application of sound rock engineering principles are of unsurpassed importance and are the basis for a robust design, smooth construction and effective operation.