Jan Wikström

Jan Wikström has for the last 15 years worked with product development of the Flygt submersible drainage pumps. Jan is Xylems most knowledgeable engineer of designing wear- and clog resistant hydraulics for drainage pumps.

Jan has an exceptional skill in identifying customer problems and pain points, which in some cases the customers are not even aware of. A contributing factor to these insights is his network with customers and time spent in the field. Besides his innovative mind-set, Jan is also very practical and capable of both preparing and testing prototypes. He also possess good insights and knowledge of manufacturing technologies that often results in cost efficient solutions.  Jan´s mindset is to always challenge how things are done and try to find better solutions.

Since 2014, Jan has worked with developing new type of smart dewatering pumps and with new ideas of dewatering mine/tunneling and constructions sites in the future. Since 2018 he has also worked closely with Boliden to verify and test new solutions in underground mines. As a result of the collaboration, Boliden think they can reduce their dewatering cost with at least 30%