New automation and robotic solutions

The mining industry is in the transition towards automation. Game-changing technology will make mines both safer and more efficient.

Tuesday of Euro Mine Connect is focused on new automation and robotic solutions with four hot topics.

Automatic charging of tunnel faces

In November 2019 was the first demonstration held of automatic charging of tunnel faces, using ABB robotic solutions. ABB’s autonomous remote charger robot automatically detects boreholes and fills them with explosives and detonators without the presence of humans. At this years Euro Mine Connect Jan Nyqvist will make a presentation that will give some background, result and next development step of the Robot charger project. Jan Nyqvist is currently Global Product Manager Digital and Automation Underground mining. 

Remote scaling

Another step towards more safer mining is remotely operated scaling. Manual scaling is a critical safety operation that requires real craftsmanship in order to be done properly. The operators use their eyes, ears, feel and experience, to be able to read the rock and do the right actions.

Lisa Önnerlöv, an Industrial Designer at Boliden, talks about the Boliden way to remote scaling. Lisa Önnerlöv is mainly working within their Mine Automation Program, where she is managing projects and human centered aspects of tele remote control, data interaction and the future of mining.

Automated production drilling

In a production benchmarking, Olav Kvist at Epiroc talks about production drilling. This is one of the most rewarding mining processes to automate. A production drill is usually stationary in a stope for several days under controllable conditions. Still the amount of miners using automation for production drilling is low. Epiroc as a leading OEM has decided to change this by benchmarking and demonstrating what good looks like to our customers, lowering the threshold. This talk will share some learnings on what you can achieve and some tips for the journey to improved productivity.

New mine dewatering

Jan Wikström has for the last 15 years worked with product development of the Flygt submersible drainage pumps. Jan is Xylems most knowledgeable engineer of designing wear- and clog resistant hydraulics for drainage pumps.

In his presentation he talks of the partnership between Boliden and Xylem about using new Flygt sump pumps and technologies for dewatering and sediment handling to meet the future demands ofmine automation.