Electrification and sustainable mining

Sustainable mines and electrification of open pit mining in arctic conditions are two of the topics at this years Euro Mine Connect.

In one of the talks of Euro Mince Connect 2021, Jonas Ranggård will show how the trolley assist pilot in Aitik turned out to be a great success. The trolley line showed great availability, proving that it is possible to achieve large CO2-savings while increasing productivity. Boliden have now refined the technology further and decided to invest 30 MEUR in implementing trolley assist on a larger scale not only in Aitik but also Kevitsa. The plans to build a trolley assist pilot in Aitik was first presented by Boliden at the 2018 Euro Mine Expo. 

Erik Lindblom, Swemin and Emil Fresk from Widefind talks about sustainable mining.

Erik Lindblom, consultant and researcher at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, is the project manager for TraceMet – a pilot for sustainable metals and minerals. The pilot project has the goal to develop a simplified, but fully functional, system and a technical solution that allows a certified declaration of origin, of carbon footprint and of recycled content for metals through the whole value chain. The project will have copper in electric cables and steel in trucks as test cases. The project partners include Boliden, LKAB, ABB, SSAB, Scania and Volvo.

Emil Fresk is the CTO of WideFind, a Swedish company that offers highly accurate positioning systems for underground mines.from In his talk he adress the importance of highly accurate positioning - a key component for the future of mining. He presents the challenges of accurate and reliable positioning of people and assets underground, and why UWB is the most suitable technology to solve them.